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Password Score

See how to use Password Score by having a look on several Strength Meters for Twitter Bootstrap.

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Enter a password or click on one of the common passwords below. Password Score will give a realistic estimation of its strength expressed in entropy. Let $h$ be the entropy of the password, then a cracker does not need to try more than $2^h$ different passwords before finding the correct one.

Password Score is designed to estimate the strength of a password as realistic as possible. The strength of a password will be expressed in the means of entropy. When given the entropy of a password the time to crack can easily be calculated. For giving a realistic estimation Password Score searches the password for patterns like english words, common passwords, names or even keyboard patterns.

Password Score is no graphical strength meter - it only provides a javascript library to estimate the strength of passwords expressed in entropy.

Password Score is available on GitHub and an introduction can be found here

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